World Bank kawng block dawn
Kanghmun chuan World Bank kawng siam mekin an khaw field a tihchhiat, he kawng siamtu RBM-Tantia Joint Venture ten an siamthat loh avangin August 29 atang khan contractor-te motor reng reng kaltlang a... [Read More]
Here too, dogs aren't treated failrly
Does culture Justify eating Dog Meat ? < ="http://lawrkhawm.com/ ?kk=10">... [Read More]
Third Front in the making against Congress and MNF
Aizawl, Aug 31(UNI): A political analyst here today said, ''A Third Front is likely to be formed out of non-supporters of both the Congress and MNF, including the recently formed Mizoram Democratic Mo... [Read More]
Kerala to host north-east art festival
Mizoram atangin enge an showcase ang aw? Cultural Event ah Cheraw, Cuisines ah 'Bai' (Passion fruit mebbe) and what about Sculptures ???The festival called "Octave-2008" is to be held in Mar... [Read More]
Doctors prescribe pill for North East's healthcare industry
Seven doctors from seven states of the Northeast got together today to discuss the health of the region’s industrial sector and prescribed major investments in healthcare for a booming economy.W... [Read More]
01110100 01101000 01101001 01110010
"I wonder if he gets carpet burns on his knees?"   For the curious, these T2 figures are manufactured by NECA.< ="http://lawrkhawm.com/ ?kk=10">... [Read More]
Minor Update: Voting and Anonymous voting
Based on the feedback, the no of votes for a story to make it to the front page is now three (3) votes. Also, that anonymous voting thingy is now disabled. You will now need to login in order to vote ... [Read More]
Princess Diana's Death: Kum 10 a lo ni leh ta der
Tomorrow will be her tenth death anniversary. Can't believe that a decade has already passed since her tragic death. Whatever the conspiracy theories, whatever the scandals, she truly epitomized elega... [Read More]
Home page ah story awm thei hi
Post te pawh a tam zel a, Post Awaiting your Vote ah story 'tang' a tam zel bawk. Tunah Home page a lang thei hi 8 chauh ania, Story leh post tha tak2 te comment awm chung thovin Post Awaiting yo... [Read More]
Vanglaini News :High School manchhuak
Private Aided High School-ah pawl 7 pass lo, pawl 8-a dah chhoh an nei nual nia thudawn a ni a, hei hi Inspection team chuan hmuhchhuah tam tak a nei a, tunah hian zir chiang leh turin an inbuatsaih m... [Read More]
Cyberslacking: Don't let your boss catch you reading this
If you are at work, chances are you are probably doing it right now.Walk into any large office, and you will most likely hear the telltale computer bleeps of chat programs and online games, accompani... [Read More]
Mizo Idol - Remkimi Cherpoot Teuh Lo Mai
We've talked about her here and here. She's all over the place and in YouTube too! User LeikapuiMusic has uploaded this video of the talented Remkimi Cherpoot and here she is, cooing 'Teuh Lo Mai'.&nb... [Read More]
whos.amung.us WITH Maps
Ok, this is GOOD timepass. Click the source or that tiny whos.amung.us widget below the BoRed Members.. section on the left. Once on the page, click maps on the right hand side. What do you see? it sh... [Read More]
jeremizobiaka.info: A site dedicated to JB's Memory
 Small Update: Picture gallery leh hla thu pawh la awm dawn. Yes, the site is up. Wonderful layout! The site has sections, such as JB’s Biography, Principal dates in JB’s Life, Award... [Read More]