Why You Don’t Normally Have to Supply Receipts for Child Support

If you receive child support payments, you know that it is up to you to ensure that your children have all their needs provided for them. Sometimes, one parent may demand that the other parent show proof of what you spend the payments on. In most states, this is not allowed. Your child’s other parent cannot demand receipts in most cases.

The reason that you are not required to show receipts may be down to a few different reasons.

Payments May Be Reimbursements

Child support is supposed to cover any basic costs for your child. This means that you can pay rent, utilities, car payments, or other supplies for your child with it. However, you only receive child support once a month. You may have already paid the rent and utilities. You may have also paid for your child’s field trips or new clothes. This means that any support that you receive that month may be considered reimbursement for money that you already spent.

It Is Only a Fraction of Costs

Some parents believe that the money that they pay every month for child support covers all expenses. This is not the case. It is usually only a portion of the cost every month. It can be difficult to calculate how much of the child’s expenses are paid by child support and hence it does not make sense to provide receipts.

Child Expenses May Change

Your children’s expenses are not always going to be the same. Some expenses will be for your child’s benefit. For instance, when you pay for rent and utilities or groceries, it is clear that those costs are for the child’s well-being. Other costs may be more difficult to determine, and those costs may also change. For instance, you may need health insurance or the internet for your children. Likewise, you may need to buy gas for your car every week to be able to go back and forth to work or to bring them to school. Most costs are reasonable expenses when it comes to children. You do not have to supply a receipt for everything.

If you are worried that the other parent is going to demand that you show receipts for what you spend your child support on, then you may want to discuss your situation with a child support lawyer like those at Attorney Bernie.  Set up a consultation as soon as possible to have your case analyzed.