Car Accident Lawyer Rockland County, NY

Anyone who has ever been in a car accident has probably heard some common myths about car accident claims, and talking to a car accident lawyer such as the ones available at Greenspan and Greenspan PC can help you ensure that you do not go into a car accident lawsuit believing the myths you’ve heard.

You might believe that any personal injury lawyer or car accident lawyer can handle a car wreck claim, and really the answer to this is true but only if you would like somebody with less experience to handle your case. It might be better to ensure that your car accident lawyer is trial tested and committed to practicing law, specifically car accident law. Essentially this means looking at your law years experience, asking them to show you that they are invested in constant learning and development in their law niche. Now your claim might be able to be handled by somebody with minimal or nominal experience, but you should really think about it and if your claim is more complex than your lawyer has ever dealt with you should look for someone more experienced.

You might’ve heard that good lawyers know how to settle cases, and that if your lawyer settles a lot then that is the best lawyer you could have. This is not true. In fact any lawyer can settle a case, this is not a special skill that lawyers have, and if a lawyer runs a settlement shop they are not adding value to your case because a minor workup in a lowball settlement offer is going to be what your lawyer takes when it’s offered. You are better off working with a lawyer who is willing to take your injury claim to trial by jury, and ensure that it gets presented in the best way to get you the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.

If you believe that you do not have an obvious injury and you only started to feel pain 24 hours after the accident, that your case is not worth anything, then you are wrong. Jurors are ordinary people and they are aware that not every injury you might get as an ordinary person can be felt right away. However you should consider after being in a car accident that you go to the hospital to be checked out just in case, because if this injury shows up on your doctors tests and you are going to have an easier time of using it in court to get compensation for the injury you’ve sustained. However it is not completely a loss because if you can have a doctor look at you after the injury has started to make itself known, and determine that the car accident did cause the injury, your car accident lawyer can probably use it to convince the jury that you deserve compensation for your suffering.

The judge to a car accident lawyer today about all of your car accident needs.