Before the Internet became an integral part of many American lives, there were fewer ways to look for a lawyer than there are today. A common place that people used to find out about lawyers were from billboards, advertisements on busses and bus stops, in the Yellow Pages, at the public library, and by word of mouth from trusted, friends, family members, co-workers and community leaders.

Even with the ease of using the Internet to search for a lawyer and to read reviews and ratings of potential ones, many people are overwhelmed at the thought of looking for one. Many people who have never hired a lawyer before do not know where to begin and many people who have hired a lawyer before know how time consuming and oftentimes difficult it can be to do this.

Things to Consider When Looking for a General Practice Lawyer
There are many things to consider when looking for a good general practice lawyer that include but are not limited to:

  • Reputation amongst, peers, professional groups and previous
  • Specialty areas and licenses
  • Good ratings
  • Personality, temperament and demeanor
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Communication style
  • Success
  • Case load

Your particular needs and style will determine what are the most important things to consider when looking for a good general practice lawyer. Many people find it important to have an attorney that they can speak directly with on short notice while other people do not. You should consider things like this and others that matter to you, when you are looking for a general practice lawyer to represent you.

Ways to Look for a General Practice Lawyer
There are many different methods a person can employ when looking for a general practice lawyer. Popular ways to do this include but are not limited to:

Word of Mouth Ask around of friends, relatives, co-workers, community
members, etc., whose opinion and knowledge you can value and trust, who have
a general practice lawyer that they like or that someone they know likes.

Internet You can use the internet to find lawyers as well as to do research about
lawyers in your area. Searching for keywords that include, general practice
lawyer, or general practice law firm, should bring up options for lawyers in your
area. You can include other relevant terms such as, “best,” or the geographical
location where you need help.

Legal Aid Organizations Many cities and towns have legal aid organizations.
Many of these are free or their fees are based on a sliding scale in order to be
available to people who are lower income. Many of these places employ lawyers
who are licensed to give legal advice and/or they can help you to find lawyers
who can help you with your particular needs.

Public Library The good old fashioned public library is still a good place for
resources to help you find a general practice lawyer in your area.