In your life, you can expect to suffer some bumps and bruises. You may even encounter serious accidents. These incidents can be physically, emotionally and financially challenging. When someone else’s negligence is to blame, you should speak to an attorney about your rights and possibilities of recovering medical costs. In a personal injury lawsuit, these, along with other factors in your accident, are known as damages. Your attorney will help you understand what you are entitled to and whether your case has merit.

An Overview

Damages in a lawsuit constitute how much money you could receive for the injuries you suffered at someone else’s hands. Various factors determine whether you are awarded damages and how much they will be. Some of these include the seriousness of your injuries, how the injuries have impacted your daily life, the degree of the offender’s negligence and the steps you have taken after the accident. For example, if someone deliberately hurt you, and the injuries caused lasting damage, you will likely receive more for the damages. Your settlement will also be more if you can no longer work and if you saw a doctor immediately after the accident.

Medical Costs 

You can sue for damages to cover any medical bills related to your injuries. These include doctor’s office visits, hospital stays, medication, treatment, surgeries and rehabilitation. You can also collect damages for the money you spend on travel to get this care.

Loss of Earnings

The most severe injuries could prevent you from physically or mentally performing your job. This could be a temporary or permanent situation. The court will consider your current wages, along with the future money you would earn, and award you with a settlement to cover these losses.

Loss of Enjoyment

If your injury is making it difficult or impossible to participate in certain activities or hobbies, you may have the right to collect damages for them. Your attorney will be your advocate to collect damages for the inability to play sports, travel or engage in other events you enjoy.

Loss of Companionship

An injury can affect your relationships, especially when it impacts you mentally. The court can award damages to spouses or children who no longer have the same level of support from a loved one.

Speak to a personal injury lawyer, today if you have been injured in an accident. You can get the financial help you need to recover from this challenging event.