What Are Some of the Most Common Tractor Trailer Accidents?

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Driving down the highway, you may find yourself surrounded by tractor trailers. These big-rigs may seem daunting, especially if you find yourself in the middle of a pack. It is at this time that you may start to wonder what the most common causes of accidents involving trucks might be. While road safety has improved over the years, semi accidents still occur at alarming rates. Take a look into why this might be and know what you should be on the lookout for.


Driving too fast is one way a truck driver can increase the odds of getting into an accident. Excessive speed can cause loss of control and make stopping impossible. With the pressure to get a load to its destination quicker, a driver may take risks like speeding. Doing so can cause the trailer to jackknife leading to a multi-vehicle pileup and an increase in fatalities.

Driving Aggressively

Taking chances with quickly changing lanes, speeding and driving too close to a vehicle in front are just a few ways a trucker can demonstrate aggressive driving habits on the road. The reasons for this type of behavior may vary based on a few factors. Perhaps the stress of having to get somewhere in a pool of frustrating motorists spurs the driver’s risk-taking. On the other side of this coin are other drivers weaving dangerously in and out of lanes including those with truckers. If another car gets too close to a trucker and slams on the brakes, it might be next to impossible for the large tractor trailer to stop.

Weight of the Load

You may have noticed weigh stations as you make your way down an interstate. These stops are required for truckers to ensure their trucks are not overloaded. Having too much weight in the trailer might cause imbalance, and if evasive maneuvers have to be made, the weight could shift causing the trailer to overturn.

Driving While Tired

Truckers have a life lived mostly on the road. Whether these drivers primarily haul at night or during the day, they must stick to strict schedules with little room for error. Drivers may get in the habit of pushing themselves past the point of exhaustion trying to get a load delivered timely. Doing so, however, makes the danger of falling asleep at the wheel more plausible.

Tractor trailer accidents are a scary prospect given their sheer size. Combine that with the possibility that what they are hauling is also dangerous and a crash is that much more frightening. If you are involved in an accident with a truck, or you are a trucker who has been involved in an accident, hiring a truck accident lawyer may wind up helping you get justice.

Source: Personal Injury Lawyer Wytheville, VA, The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt

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