Home Repair Lawyer

When you hire someone to work on your home, you are often going to expect them to do it in the safest and most favorable way possible. You hired them to do a job and do it correctly. What happens when the contractor, builder, or any other contributing company was negligent during the process of building or remodeling, though? 

The truth is, every case is going to be different, and a lawyer is going to need to be on your team to help you negotiate with the contractor. A lawyer is going to know the laws that are local to you, and what should be followed when working on a home. 


What is defective or faulty work then? Typically, this is defined as when the material or design defects and creates an unsafe or unsuitable structure for which it was intended. Basically, this means that if someone you had repaired or replaced can cause harm, then it is most likely defective or faulty workmanship. The defects will eventually increase property damage and could even lead to unsafe conditions for the inhabitants. 

Defective workmanship differs from the usual wear and tear that a structure experiences over a period of time. Windows can develop small drafts over time and would need to be replaced before they let water inside. New windows that are drafty or leak are a different matter. The older a home is, the more wear and tear that happens. 

Who’s Responsible? 

At first glance, the blame ends up on the general contractor, but that may not be who to blame. Since the majority of specialty work is done but subcontractors, the fault may end up on them. People like installers, electricians, plumbers, and roofers are all examples of a subcontractor. 

So, if your roofer installs the new roof incorrectly, and it leaks when it rains, then it would be their fault, not your general contractors. A lawyer can help you sort out who is at fault and who needs to take responsibility for the defective or faulty work. This way, you don’t have to put the blame on someone who had nothing to do with the project and you can get straight to the source. 

Often you have to go through the chain of command to find who is really responsible, especially if you have a large build happening. You may not need a lawyer if you just hired a plumber, and the work was faulty. 

When you hire someone to work on your house, you are trusting them to provide a quality service. We know you put a lot of time into your home repairs and that is why contacting a home repair lawyer, like our friends at Law Rkhawm  can be an excellent step in protecting your home.