Today’s court of public opinion is a powerful one. In this 24-hour news and social media loving world, it’s crucial to get your case out in the open. 

Gone are the days of ‘no comment’, and ‘see you in court’. These are the times when if you don’t voice your side publicly, your silence may be drowned by the opposing team. 

What is litigation public relations?

We’ve all heard the value a respected public relations team can bring in the event of an embarrassing or reputation endangering event. But managing the public conversation is also crucial during a legal dispute. 

High-profile people and companies are at risk if they don’t get ahead of public allegations. Defendants are often put on the defensive from day one. Tactically speaking, litigation PR could help to influence or win a case. It’s more common to hear attorneys make their client’s side public, whether it’s speaking to the press or providing press access to documents.

This kind of pressure can influence the public and the other side of the courtroom. Suddenly settling may seem like a better idea than living with negative press and a looming a trial outcome.

Why work with a litigation PR team?

It’s about getting the right message to the right audience.

If you’re in crisis mode on what’s happening in the courtroom, it can be difficult to pause and consider the best strategies to approach what the public is seeing and hearing.

You may already have PR and other public communications teams in place. But when it comes to your legal case there is no better qualified team to manage the conversation than the team at the center of your legal strategy. 

This coordinated response will mitigate future negative effects of your case, while freeing you to focus on future business endeavors. 

Moreover, these are the moments when your leadership might not belong on the front lines. Answering reporter questions could put you at risk. There may be no one better to get behind the podium than the lawyer representing you. The lawyer who knows your case intimately and knows how to keep you protected.

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