Five Types of Lawyers in High Demand

There are many different types of lawyers who specialize in different areas. Knowing which lawyer you should hire to handle your case could get confusing if you don’t understand practice areas. There are some lawyers in higher demand than others, and they could possibly be who you are looking for. If you’re wondering, “What types of lawyers are in high demand?” the following are five to consider.

1. Traffic Lawyer

A traffic lawyer assists clients who have been cited during a traffic-related incident. This might include speeding tickets, parking infractions, driving without a license, DUI and more. While some might consider a criminal law professional, traffic crimes are a far cry from theft or murder. A lawyer specializing in traffic crimes are more adept to help you out. Traffic-related crimes happen hundreds of times every day, which is why these lawyers are in high demand.

2. Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is a hot topic with people on both sides of the coin finding themselves in legal battles. With the rise in immigration and the confusion regarding legal aspects of it, an immigration lawyer is important to have on speed dial. As a business owner, you need to know what regulations to follow in hiring immigrants. If you are the immigrant, you may want help with a deportation case.

3. Family Lawyer

Family lawyers deal with a wide array of family issues, making them high in demand. Divorce, spousal support, child support, child custody, prenuptials and other situations that deal deeply with family relationships require the assistance of a family lawyer. Often in these situations a child needs representation and a family lawyer can advocate for them as well.

4. Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation requires the service of a lawyer who deals frequently with disputes between two private parties. If you have been sued or want to sue someone else, this is the lawyer for you. They also deal with contract violations between businesses, ex-employees or contractors.

5. General Practice Lawyer

A general practice lawyer is one who deals in a variety of practice areas. They have a general knowledge of all parts of the law and can represent and defend a client or direct them to a professional better suited for the job. Because they are knowledgeable in various areas, they can help clients with multiple types of legal battles.

Contacting a Lawyer

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