The most effective way to determine an answer to the questions “When do I need a general practice attorney?” is to ask yourself something like “How do I make a decision whether to go to a general practitioner for a medical problem or to a specialist?” Your answer may be similar to “It depends.”

Devoted to discussing general practice topics, we at Law RKH | AWM would answer in the same way. There is no rule to go by that explicitly states when and when not to seek help from a general practice attorney. In general, the more challenging, or important, the legal matter is, in terms of your finances, consequences, or liberty, the more likely you should choose an attorney who has extensive experience in that area of the law.

The Right Time to Go to a General Practice Attorney

If you feel like you could benefit from a lawyer, but you don’t know where to start, or who to choose, it may be best to speak with a general practice attorney first. There are three advantages for doing this.

First: Nearly all general practice attorneys offer complimentary consultations. This is an opportunity to explain your potential legal matter, learn about your options, and make a sound decision on what to do next.

Second: You can find out whether or not the general practice attorney can even help you. If they have handled cases like yours before, and successfully, they should tell you this and offer you a legal working agreement. If they have little to no experience with your need, they have the responsibility to explain this to you. At this point, you can find out if they are able to handle anything or ask them to refer you to a specialized lawyer.

Third: If you choose a larger general practice law firm, it is possible that they have an attorney who deals with your type of legal matter. For example, many general law firms have lawyers who handle family law matters or business law matters.

When You May Want to Speak with an Attorney Who Specializes in One Area of the Law

If the following applies to you, it may be a good idea to talk with an attorney who specializes in a certain area of the law.

  • You know that your case involves one area of the law,
  • You understand what this area is, and
  • You believe your case is very complex or will involve challenges that require a lot of experience.

For example, if you have been arrested for breaking and entering, and have been charged, it may be in your best interest to consult a criminal lawyer.

Call a General Practice Attorney for a Consultation Now

Specialized attorneys do very good work and can represent their clients in an effective manner. However, there are times in which your legal matter does not require the high billing niche attorney. If this is true for your needs, or you’re simply unsure, why not call a general practice attorney today?