Common Causes of Civil Rights Injuries

What are Civil Rights Injuries?

Injuries that occur from civil rights violations are unfortunate occurrences. The United States Constitution guarantees certain civil rights and liberties to its citizens. When these rights are violated, the guilty party should be held accountable so that the victim can be made whole again and that the guilty party doesn’t violate someone else’s rights again. What separates a personal injury from a civil rights injury is the way in which this injury occurred. A personal injury could occur from a slip and fall accident at work, while a civil rights injury may have occurred from a member of law enforcement using excessive force.   

What are Civil Rights?

Civil rights are guaranteed rights and civil liberties by the United States Constitution to its citizens. These rights have been added throughout the years and many were fought hard to secure by various people. A right means that someone is guaranteed by law to have the authorization to do certain things or be free from having certain things done to them. These include:

  • The right to vote
  • The right to a fair trial
  • Freedom from an unreasonable search or seizure of property. (Example: Car search, home search)
  • Freedom of speech 
  • Freedom of religion 
  • The forbiddance of being discriminated against for race, gender, age, pregnancy, religion, orientation, origin, disability, or status as a veteran or not. 
  • And more

Civil rights are something that should be taken especially seriously. This is because many people have fought hard to instill these rights and to uphold them. When they are violated or broken, justice must be served. 

When is a Violation of Civil Rights Cause for an Injury Attorney?

Some injuries have been known to occur due to civil rights violations. Excessive brutal force by members of law enforcement is one way in which some people have been injured in a civil rights claim. When a member of law enforcement uses excessive force against someone, it can lead to bad bruising, cuts, broken bones, loss of blood, and sometimes death. Other injuries are caused by people attacking others for how they identify as a person. This could be a vicious attack on someone who is of a different religion, gender, orientation, race, or other reasons. Again, these injuries will also vary from minor to severe and in the severest of cases, death. 

rIs Legal Counsel Beneficial to Civil Rights Injury Victims?

While it is not required to have a lawyer for these types of cases, it can make the process easier. That’s because a lawyer with extensive experience in civil rights injury cases understands the nuances and details that accompany these types of cases. Their guidance and support are also something that can help instill confidence in their clients to receive the kind of results from the case that they desire. A civil rights injury lawyer in Oregon from a firm like Andersen Morse & Linthorst has the ability to help your case.