What are Common Car Accident Injuries?

Being injured in a car accident can affect your life in many negative ways, such as suffering pain, losing wages, decreased quality of life, and more. If the accident that lead to your injuries was the fault of someone else, you may have compensation options to discuss with an experienced car accident lawyer. Your lawyer can discuss the details of your case and whether you have a valid claim and what it may be worth. You shouldn’t be left with injuries, pain, lasting effects, and medical bills without receiving proper compensation. Schedule a consultation today to talk with a lawyer.

The list below is not exhaustive but is meant to give you an idea of some of the injuries that car accident lawyers see more often in car accident cases. There’s nearly an endless number of possible injuries that can result from a car accident, so don’t hesitate to call a lawyer if your injuries are not listed.

Broken Bones

It is common to see broken bones listed as an injury from a car accident. Broken bones can require weeks of recovery and be very painful. In the worst cases, bones might not heal properly and could leave you with life-long difficulties. Broken ribs collar bone can sometimes be expected as well due to pressure on the seatbelt.

Internal Organ Damage

In more serious accidents, those involved could suffer from injuries to their internal organs, such as lungs, heart, or others. Theses injuries can be very serious and could even result in death depending on the severity and time until the patient receives medical treatment.

Cuts and Lacerations

Cuts can happen very easily during a car accident, from broken glass, items in the car, pieces of the car, and more. Sometimes cuts are minor and require little medical treatment, but they can be serious and lead to a serious amount of blood loss, need for stiches, and more.

Brain Damage

In sever accidents brain damage can occur if one of the people involved hits their head in some way. Sometimes heads hit windows, the dash of the car, or items in the car. Medical attention will be needed right away for any type of head injury.

Latent Injuries

These are injuries that show up after the fact, sometimes even weeks. Such as headaches, sore neck or muscles, and need for therapy. These injuries are just as valid and can be linked to the accident officially by your doctor or medical professionals. 

Call a Lawyer Today

There is no need to wait to speak with a car accident lawyer, like from Burton Law Firm, about your options for compensation for your car accident injuries. When you’re injured by someone else, you should not be left with the medical bills, and your lawyer can help you discover your options and consider how to move forward with a legal claim. Call a law firm today to set up your initial consultation and get answers to your questions and learn what your next steps will be if you decide to move forward.