When you want to get around quickly in the city, it is a lot easier to hail a cab than it is to take your car. Cabs are convenient, quick, and most people prefer them to trying to navigate city streets or attempting to find parking. Unfortunately, not all cab rides end without a problem. What do you do if your cab driver causes an accident?

Seek Medical Attention

Your first order of business should be to seek medical attention. Even if you don’t feel like your injuries are serious, allow the paramedics to check up on you following an accident. If need be, you should be transported to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

If you don’t think that your injuries are serious, you still need to show up at the hospital soon after the accident. There are injuries that will not have symptoms right away. For instance, you may not know that you have internal bleeding until hours after an accident. A head injury may not seem so bad at first, but you could have a severe TBI.

Conditions may become serious as time goes by. You should see a doctor right away and make sure to document your experience. You need a full record of your injuries if you plan to file a claim against the driver.

Contact the Police

To gather evidence, you will need to contact the police. They can send you a copy of the police report. Then, you can use that report as evidence in your case against the driver or against the cab company. Make sure that you have the contact number for the cab company, the driver and the insurance companies.

Contact an Attorney

Dealing with a cab accident can be complicated. Unlike the standard driver, a cab driver will fight accident liability harder. After all, being a driver is how he or she makes a living. In most cases, your case will be against a specific driver, unless you can prove that the company was liable for the accident. An attorney can look at the evidence of the case, negotiate with insurance companies and fight for your compensation at trial.

If you have been injured in a taxi accident, you deserve to receive compensation for your injuries. To find out what you may be entitled to, set up a consultation with a lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Towson, MD from Seigel & Rouhana, as soon as possible.